From: Musto Alexandra ICM MP PD TI 7 []
Sent: 07 January 2004 11:59
To: Wu Shasha ICM MP
Subject: Condolence for Mrs. Moyes and children

Dear Mrs. Moyes and children,

I was very very sorry to hear of your sad loss so shortly
before New Year's Eve, and I want to express my deepest sympathy.
I am still mourning over a beloved relative whom we lost half
a year ago also at the age of only 48. He was a teacher, and
having experienced how much the letters of his pupils meant to
his wife encouraged me to write to you.

Although I am only a not very important employee here at
Siemens mobile with no direct contact to your husband and father,
he did mean much to me. He took over a very difficult task
and managed to achieve something really great: He gave us all
a new perspective, he inspired us and gave us the confidence
in ourselves back. Furthermore, he initiated a cultural change
within MP that was much needed, but obviously nobody else
had the courage to do so. Losing him so shortly after he took
over the responsibility for MP was a shock for us all.

I know that this cannot be a comfort for you, but your husband
and father made a great difference to me and many, many of my
colleagues, and we will remember him. I do very sincerely hope
that the board will continue his efforts that made so
much of a difference in only 3 months time!

Best wishes,

Alexandra Musto

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