From: Ditscherlein Martin ICM MP PD TS []
Sent: 06 January 2004 13:37
To: Wu Shasha ICM MP
Subject: Ian Moyes

Importance: High

To the family of Ian Moyes

Dear all,

During my preparation for start of work after christmas holidays I just read the sad news about the sudden death of your beloved husband and father Ian Moyes.

At first sight I could not believe what I read knowing that Ian was not much older than myself. My heart feels with you and I wish to cordially express my warmest condolences, even though I fear not to use the right words as English is not my native language. May God give you the strength to overcome this heavy loss and to accept this dramatic change in your life.

To me Ian was an impressive person with great power to motivate people. From my own experience I am sure that he had this power also because he was embedded, balanced and supported by his family - by you! I very much wish that you now feel embedded and supported as well by the many thoughts of all of us being with you during the coming burdened days.

Best wishes and heartly greetings,

Martin Ditscherlein


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