New boss for Siemens

Siemens Mobile has a new boss, after the former head of sales, Ian Moyes was promoted to the position by the interim manager, Rudi Lamprecht. Latterly, Rudi Lamprecht was himself acting head of the division. Ian Moyes will take up his new position as of 1 September.

Ian Moyes was previously head of sales and in this capacity he successfully reorganized worldwide sales of mobile phones. After sales of Siemens mobile phones in the first and second quarter of this year remained roughly the same compared with the previous year, the figure in the current quarter has risen considerably: manufacturing is operating at full capacity. "The reorganization of the mobile phone segment and the product campaign are both paying off: We will once again sell more mobile phones this year than in the previous year and thus continue our growth path for the fifth year in a row", says Rudi Lamprecht.

Before Ian Moyes took over worldwide sales, he was managing director of Siemens mobile in Great Britain, where, within a year, he succeeded in increasing the market share for Siemens mobile phones from 4 to over 10 percent. Prior to this he managed the service sector of the Enterprise Networks business, Siemens Communications, in Great Britain for around 5 years. Under his leadership he boosted business in a stagnating market by 50 percent and tripled profit. Ian Peter Moyes, British, is 47 and has held various marketing and management positions for Siemens since 1986.

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Posted to the site on 01-Sep-03

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