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This section contains some of the many tributes from his family, work colleagues and partners, and friends; if you would like to add a tribute please email

Please come back and visit this page soon!

bullet Julie Pisani (nee Moyes) - Ian's sister
bulletSiemens - Some of the many tributes received by Siemens:
bullet Telkom Caribe- Mike Singh (Chairman & CEO)
bulletBird China - Xu Lihua (Chairman & President)
bullet Nokia
bullet T-Mobile UK
bullet Announcement of Ian's bereavement by Siemens Mobile Phone Board
bullet Mobile Phones Germany - Alexandra Musto
bullet Mobile Phones Germany - Sabine Graf
bullet Mobile Phones Germany - Mohamed Abdel-Gaber
bullet Mobile Phones Germany - Andreas Kretz
bullet Mobile Phones Germany - Olga Klenner
bulletICM Messaging & Multimedia Germany
bullet ICM Turkey
bullet ICM Spain
bullet ICM APAC - Thorsten Runge
bullet Siemens Pakistan - Sohail Wajahat H.Siddiqui

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