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From: Tom Irving
Category: Story
Date: 10 Feb 2004
Time: 16:22:34 -0000
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I remember one of our many trips away skiing, particularly the one to Mammoth Mountain, California. We had all stopped for some food and a couple of light refreshments (well it started out that way as it always did), when some bright spark decided to order Nachos covered in fiery Jalapenos. Now donít ask me how it happened, but somewhere along the line Ian and myself got caught up in a competition (surprising I know!), to see how many Jalapenos we could handle. It started with me having one on a tortilla chip, then he had two, I had three and so on. This carried on until one of us had had 24 or so on one tortilla! Then luckily the bar then informed us that they had run out of Jalapenos (for which I can say I was extremely happy hear, as it had started to become somewhat unpleasant after about 5 or 6). This was just one of many ridiculous competitions we had over many enjoyable holidays together, and something I personally will miss greatly.

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