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From: Tom Irving
Category: Story
Date: 10 Feb 2004
Time: 16:23:26 -0000
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A few years back now a large group of us went out to Antigua for Mum's, Sharon’s, and Jeanette’s 40th birthday celebrations. This, as always, was a fantastic holiday and gave me the opportunity once again to spend two weeks with my extended family. This particular holiday was no different to any of the others, in the sense that it holds many fond memories for me. The one that stands out from this particular holiday for me started after a night on the sauce in the hotel's bar (which loosened up everyone’s restraint). When, a lot of us suddenly decided to strip off (to our undies!) and go for an impromptu swim in the hotel pool. This, as usual turned into a kind of competition, with Ben on my shoulders and Ian on Dad's trying to dunk each other. And to their surprise, the whippersnappers could not be beaten! When they realised this, their tactics became decidedly underhand, with Ben and myself suddenly starkers due to some dubious pulling on the boxers. This was yet another great memory for me, but probably not for a lot of the other people in the resort at the time.

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