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Ian's Birthday

From: Sharon
Category: Message
Date: 01 Dec 2004
Time: 21:43:11 -0000
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Yesterday (30th Nov) would have been Ian's 49th birthday. I just wanted to say a big thank-you to all those who remembered and helped Laura, Will and I to get through a difficult day. We will be celebrating in the usual way by having a small dinner party on Saturday. This is something we would do pretty much every year and it was always fun. Ian being the cook out of the two of us would make the main courses (he usually offered two, one fish and one meat) and I was left to do the starter and dessert!!! Needless to say the main courses were always delicious but sadly the rest were a bit hit and miss!! This year we have decided that each couple bring a dish that reminds them of Ian. The idea is that there is a story/memory to accompany the dish and we share this with one other. I'm sure that both the selection of foods and the stories will be interesting and hope that Ian would approve. Happy Birthday my darling. Millions Sharon X

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