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Ian's Family Photo Album

This photo album shows photos of Ian and his family from his early years; more photos will be loaded in due course, so please come back and visit soon!

Please click on the photo thumbnail to see an enlarged view.

 Please send any photos you would like included to Tony Irving via email at

Ian (2nd from the right) out riding with his family as a young lad!

Sharon and Ian on holiday in Australia (2002)

Ian and his handsome son William - spot the likeness!!

Laura's 18th Birthday Party - the proud Dad!!!

Laura's 18th Birthday Party - the cake!

Laura's 18th Birthday Party - spot the fancy dresser!

Ian and his brother Dave at Dave's 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Who is teaching whom to play Golf?!?!

The family down under in Sydney (2002)

Never a mountain too big for Ian to climb!!

Up in the Mountains of Ellmau, Austria!

Ian, Sharon and Wills in Venice


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