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This photo album contains the latest photos

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The Memorial Bench at Brocket Hall from Ian's friends (2005)

The plaque on the Memorial Bench at Brocket Hall (2005)

Brocket Hall - a picture from the Bench (2005)

Wills on the Bench at Brocket Hall (2005)

Sharon & Wills on the Bench (2005)

Chelsea Football Club (2002)

Siemens Mobile Golf Cup (2002)

Munich Beer Fest: the start of the evening (2000)

Munich Fest: "Aye - you can laugh now I've got the camera!" (2000)

Munich Fest: Eddie O'Neill saying "look at the Boss' shirt! (2000)

Munich Fest: "I never drink, honest!" (2000)

Munich Fest: "I used to be this high" (2000)

Munich Fest: Stuart Dalgleish & Sarah Stammers (2000)

Munich Fest: "Trust me Paddy!" (2000)


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